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Learning about Home Remodels

Hi there, my name is Jeb Boston. Welcome to my site about home remodels. As a young boy, I was always vying to have my room remodeled to match the latest trends. I wanted to pick out new paint schemes and flooring options to match my current interests. My parents were reluctant, but agreed as long as I helped do the work. As a result, I learned a lot about the tools and techniques used by remodeling contractors. I will use this site to share information about home remodels that you can perform on your own. I will also discuss the jobs better left to the professionals. I hope you will visit my site often to learn more. Thanks for visiting.


Learning about Home Remodels

  • 3 Ideas To Give Your Home A Craftsman Style Look With New Siding

    12 October 2016

    If you are doing renovations to your home, some of the things that may need to be done can be more important than others, like installing a new roof or replacing old damaged siding. When you are replacing siding, you may want to consider giving your home a new style. Siding can be used to create a craftsman style design with a variety of different materials. Here are some ideas that you may want to consider to give your home a craftsman style look with new siding:

  • Time To Remodel Your Restaurant? 4 Tips To Make It Go Off Without A Hitch

    17 June 2016

    If your restaurant is starting show signs of age, it might be time for a good facelift. This is particularly true if the condition of your restaurant is keeping customers away. Before you embark on a remodeling job, it's important that you have a clear-cut plan for what you want to accomplish. Here are four tips that will help ensure a successful remodel of your restaurant. Time It Right One of the worst things you can do is wait until your restaurant is falling apart to plan a remodeling project.

  • Stylish Designs For A Functional Kitchen Island

    4 May 2016

    A kitchen island can be one of the most useful spaces. It provides storage, space for food preparation and even seating. Since it sits in the literal center of your kitchen, an island should also be complementary to your style. When designing your kitchen island, Better Homes and Gardens suggests deciding the main purpose – entertaining, food preparation or actual cooking. From there, plan an island that also adds visual appeal to your kitchen.

  • Some Tricks To Use Mouldings To Enhance Your Home's Appearance

    6 January 2016

    If you want to bring a finished, classy touch to the interiors of your home, you can't go wrong with custom mouldings and millwork. For those fortunate enough to find salvaged moulding, there are a number of ways to integrate this throughout your home that will bring a fresh and polished touch to the dwelling. Talk with builders about custom mouldings that can increase the value and improve the curb appeal of your distinct house.