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Learning about Home Remodels

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Learning about Home Remodels

3 Kitchen Renovation Ideas to Consider

Vanessa Graham

Are you thinking about remodeling your kitchen? Here are a few renovation ideas to consider implementing in your overall design:

Install a Kitchen Island

If your kitchen is lacking an island, think about having one installed. You may need to take a wall down and open the kitchen up to other living spaces in your home to make room for a new island. However, the island will make up for the loss of a wall because it will provide you with more cooking space and a place for family members to gather at mealtimes and to complete projects. If there is already enough room in your kitchen, a custom island can be built without having to do any major rework of your home's floorplan.

A new island kitchen will not only provide extra counter space and an extra area for people to gather, but it can also help to increase interest among potential buyers if you decide to sell your home soon. Buyers may even be willing to pay more for your home overall because of the convenient, contemporary island that you have installed.

Include an Appliance Garage 

Another cool kitchen renovation to consider is having an appliance garage built into a counter or wall within the space. An appliance garage will allow you to hide your blender, coffee grinder, food processor, and other electronic kitchen helpers away so that they do not clutter your countertops up. A garage in your kitchen will also enable you to hide those older appliances that would give your kitchen a grimy or worn-down look if they were sitting out in the open on the counter or a shelf.

Open the Cabinets Up

You can make your kitchen look and feel larger by replacing your old, enclosed cabinets with open shelves instead. Open shelving offers a modern look and enables anyone in the kitchen to see exactly where everything is. When a guest needs a cup, they can simply grab one without having to search through all the cupboards to find one.

Open shelving will allow you to show off your special dishes and vases too. And you will never open a cupboard to find a bunch of forgotten dishes that are covered in dust. If you do not appreciate the open shelf design, consider replacing your cabinet doors with glass ones to create a more open look and feel. People can still see where everything is located and you'll achieve the looks of a larger kitchen overall.

To learn more or to start this project, go to websites run by kitchen contractors.