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Learning about Home Remodels

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Learning about Home Remodels

Stylish Designs For A Functional Kitchen Island

Vanessa Graham

A kitchen island can be one of the most useful spaces. It provides storage, space for food preparation and even seating. Since it sits in the literal center of your kitchen, an island should also be complementary to your style. When designing your kitchen island, Better Homes and Gardens suggests deciding the main purpose – entertaining, food preparation or actual cooking. From there, plan an island that also adds visual appeal to your kitchen.

Showcase Island

Because of its location, the island automatically becomes your kitchen's centerpiece. As such, select premium materials for its construction, such as granite for the countertops. What's more, the island should promote the overall design style of your room. For example, if yours is a contemporary kitchen, utilize modern design principals such as sleek lines and graphic geometry in its construction. Finally, if space permits include space for showing off attractive kitchen pieces, such as with plate shelves.

Sectional Island

If your kitchen features an open layout, consider anchoring it with a large island in the center. The contractors should create a base of cabinetry with customized storage. Think of all the small appliances and other tools that clutter your kitchen, and design specialized storage within the island. Designate one section for casual dining by extending the edge. Have a sink installed in another section. Indeed, consider designating the sections with complementary surfaces. For example, flank a center of wooden countertop with granite.

Repurposed Table

If you have a farmhouse or other country-style kitchen, consider upcycling a farm table into an island. It's possible to simply place the table in the center of the kitchen and use it for food preparation. However, consider outfitting it with a solid surface such as granite or even marble for more durability. Additionally, add a shelf or cabinet below for additional storage. Likewise, wiring the table for electricity increases its usefulness without taking away the down-home appeal of the structure.

Harmonious Cooking Island

Islands used for actual cooking are less common than other styles because of the logistics of the stove. A range hood exhausts odors, smoke, and grease, but it's a tricky installation for an island. Typically contractors suspend the hood from the ceiling. To make the installation harmonious with the rest of the décor, echo the color of the range hood in the countertops. For example, if you opt for a stainless steel range hood, select granite with flecks of silver. Likewise, emphasize the linear nature of the hood with other vertical lines, such as in the cabinetry of the island.

Whatever the main purpose of your island, add attractive and cohesive design elements to enhance the style of your kitchen. For further assistance, contact local professionals, such as those from Ideal Tile & Terrazzo Ltd kitchen remodeling.