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Learning about Home Remodels

Hi there, my name is Jeb Boston. Welcome to my site about home remodels. As a young boy, I was always vying to have my room remodeled to match the latest trends. I wanted to pick out new paint schemes and flooring options to match my current interests. My parents were reluctant, but agreed as long as I helped do the work. As a result, I learned a lot about the tools and techniques used by remodeling contractors. I will use this site to share information about home remodels that you can perform on your own. I will also discuss the jobs better left to the professionals. I hope you will visit my site often to learn more. Thanks for visiting.


Learning about Home Remodels

Some Tricks To Use Mouldings To Enhance Your Home's Appearance

Vanessa Graham

If you want to bring a finished, classy touch to the interiors of your home, you can't go wrong with custom mouldings and millwork. For those fortunate enough to find salvaged moulding, there are a number of ways to integrate this throughout your home that will bring a fresh and polished touch to the dwelling. Talk with builders about custom mouldings that can increase the value and improve the curb appeal of your distinct house.

Some creative ways to use moulding around the home include these suggestions:

Trim a dresser or cupboard.

If you trim the top of a dresser or cupboard with pieces of moulding cut to fit, it becomes a gorgeous armoire that is suitable for any bedroom. This is a great option for damaged pieces, as you may camouflage damage on top of these items with moulding trim and a coat of paint.

Add a chair rail.

Use custom moulding to create a chair rail in a small eating area or home office. The rail gives the room some visual interest and sets it apart from the rest of the house. The height depends on your preference but typically a chair rail is installed one-third of the height of the room's ceiling.

Trim the ceiling of a room.

Crown moulding is most at home around the perimeter of your ceiling; it brings a traditional, elegant touch to any room. Have a contractor measure for precision and paint the moulding before securing it in place. Consider adding a ceiling medallion around a light fixture to echo the moulding and bring another feature to the room.

Decorate your dog's digs.

If you have leftover moulding pieces or salavaged mouldings, consider adorning the doghouse. These make a simple shelter look more like a piece of architecture, and can be used around the door, windows, or roofing for a stately look.

Mould a mantle.

If you have a simple fireplace or chimney cap, create a mantle with a piece of moulding. Buy a piece that will offer a slight surface on the top-edge when installed, which will allow you to display pictures or knick-knacks above your hearth.

Custom moulding is a real treasure, and it can make a huge difference when used in very simple ways around the home. Consider looking for salvaged moulding or excess pieces when visiting home improvement venues, or talk with contractors about creating custom moulding to fit your specific needs. Moulding brings a finished, sophisticated look to a room, a furniture item, and even a doghouse!

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