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Learning about Home Remodels

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Learning about Home Remodels

How To Replace Your Bathroom Molding

Vanessa Graham

The molding in your bathroom is very susceptible to water damage. As water pools up on your floor, it can soak into the wooden molding. If your molding is waterlogged, it can warp and separate from the wall. This is why bathroom floor molding needs to be replaced more often than molding in most other rooms. This article shows you how to remove rotted baseboard molding and install a new product.

Remove the Rotted Molding

Removing the old molding might be very easy if there is significant damage. The adhesive can separate from the wall and pull away from the wall. If your molding is still firmly attached to the wall, you need to pry it away with a hammer, a pry bar and a utility knife. First, cut through the caulk at the top and bottom edge of the molding. This breaks the seal and allows you to pry better. Now, hammer the pry bar behind the molding until the baseboard starts to pull away from the wall. The prying is more effective if you place the pry bar near the nails. This will make it easier to pry without breaking the wood.

Installing a New Baseboard

When installing a baseboard in a bathroom, you want to use medium-density fiberboard with water-resistant paint. A high gloss paint is more likely to be waterproof. It is much easier if you cut the board and then paint it before installation. Measure and then cut the baseboard with a chop saw. You will need to sand the freshly-cut edges before you paint them.

Using a Nail Gun

To attach the baseboard, you will need pneumatic nail gun and air compressor. If you don't already own these tools, you can rent them. Make sure you use headless pinner nails. These nails are smaller and they leave a smaller hole. Because of this, you will need to shoot more nails. For added strength, you can shoot a nail very 6" or so. Then, to further reinforce and seal the edges, you need to apply waterproof caulk. You can also spread the caulk into the tiny nail holes so they are completely invisible.

New baseboard molding in your bathroom will greatly improve the style of your room, making the walls and floor look newer. It will also protect your floor and the bottom of your wall from water damage and the possibility of mold formation. Contact a company like Apple Creek Homes & Renovations for additional information about bathroom renovations.